Census 2010 In Indiana

Census 2020 in the News


Below is a list of articles from national and local media.

  • Digital Advertising: Encouraging Participation in the Decennial Census (Research Matters Blog)

    The U.S. Census Bureau conducted a test of digital advertising and other communications techniques as part of the 2015 Census Test in the Savannah, Ga., test site. This test marks the first time the Census Bureau used communications and paid advertising to drive direct response through the online data collection instrument.

  • Puerto Rico tabbed as proving ground for 2020 Census tech (FCW.com)

    Before each decennial census, the Census Bureau selects test locations to make sure the data collection will run smoothly. For the 2020 Census, which will employ an unprecedented scaled of technology, the bureau has selected Puerto Rico as one of those test sites in the lead-up to the primetime operation.

  • Census takes on non-respondents with tech (FCW.com)

    To cut the non-response workload as much as possible, the Census Bureau estimates that administrative records and third-party data will resolve approximately 12 million addresses that don't generate self-responses for the 2020 census.

  • Agreement puts Census Bureau back on track for planning 2020 headcount (Science)

    The omnibus spending agreement erases deep cuts made earlier this year to the U.S. Census Bureau that would have crippled planning for the 2020 census. The new funding level gives the agency, part of the Department of Commerce, a much better chance of conducting a less expensive and less burdensome decennial census.

  • Is the 2020 Census already in trouble? (Politico)

    The U.S. Census is one of the undisputed achievements of government, a 225-year tradition enshrined in the Constitution that draws America a fresh picture of itself every decade. But the last Census was a technical disaster, wasting $3 billion on new technology that never worked, and which the Census Bureau ended up scrapping entirely.

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