Census 2010 In Indiana

State Complete Count Committee

With the objective of getting every Hoosier counted, the Indiana Complete Count Committee will work with the Census Bureau and their own constituencies to promote the upcoming census using members' knowledge, networks and ideas—with a special emphasis on reaching hard-to-count populations.

Find a Complete Count Committee in Your Community

The CCC Map from the U.S. Census Bureau is an interactive data visualization that will be regularly updated. If you would like to update the information on this visualization, please provide feedback here: census.cccmap.list@census.gov

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Local Complete Count Committees

Why have a local committee?

To make sure EVERYONE counts. The census means business—dollars to your community from the state and the federal government; representation in congress and in the Indiana General Assembly; and ensuring site locators, economic developers and others know just what your community is like.

A complete count committee is a team of community leaders appointed by the highest-elected official to develop and implement a locally based outreach and awareness campaign for the 2020 Census. Community-based organizations can also establish CCCs that reach out to their constituents.

This team’s primary focus is to promote the 2020 Census in a particular community and to ensure that every resident in that area is counted. Community leaders are most qualified to understand the best way to reach all populations that reside in their area. The team is also best suited to mobilize community resources in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

"Some of the activities we incorporated in our CCC campaign were so successful in bringing everyone together that we have continued them as annual festivals. The CCC was indeed a strategy for building our community and learning more about our immigrant populations."

Graham Richard, former mayor of Fort Wayne


Community leaders can start now to begin creating awareness within their region about the upcoming 2020 Census. As we get closer to Census Day, they can donate space for testing and training temporary census workers, publicize recruiting efforts and obtain endorsements from local leaders. They can conduct census rallies or parades, media luncheons, interfaith breakfasts and weekend events.

  • 2018: Identify committee leaders and members
  • 2019: Establish a work plan
  • 2020: Implement the work plan

For more information about forming a Complete Count Committee, contact the Census Bureau's Chicago regional office and ask to speak with a Partnership staff member. Staff can provide you with training materials, timelines, suggested activities and a Complete Count Committee handbook.

"Forming a complete count committee was indeed a labor of love for us. We followed the guide, formed the sub-committees and our entire city was energized. There is no doubt about the effectiveness of the Tell City Complete Count Committee. This was an effective program in bridging the gap between the community and the government."

Louie Heitkemper, Census 2000 Tell City committee co-chairman