LUCA Schedule

You may sign up to participate in LUCA anytime between August 2007 and December 31, 2007 and you will receive the materials within a few weeks. You must sign for the materials when you receive them and that is the start of your 120-day clock.

Important Dates

The Timeline

Below is the timeline posted by the Census Bureau.

Time Frame Activity
Jan to Feb 2007 LUCA Advance notice letters mailed to the highest elected official and other contacts in all active functioning governments.
August 2007 (originally planned for July) LUCA invitation letters and registration materials mailed to the highest elected official and other contacts of each government.
August 2007 to Jan 2008 Invited governments register for LUCA and the Census Bureau ships the LUCA review materials to each participating government.
Sept 2007 to March 2008 LUCA participants review and update the address list and return their comments to the Census Bureau's Regional Office.
Oct 2007 to Oct 2008 Census Bureau reviews the participant's LUCA submission and updates the Master Address File and the TIGER geographic database.
Nov 2008 to June 2009 Census Bureau prepares for and conducts the Address Canvassing Operation using GPS equipped hand-held computers.
August 2009 to Oct 2009 Census Bureau ships feedback materials to the LUCA participants showing how we processed each government's LUCA submissions.
Sept 2009 to Dec 2009 LUCA participants review their LUCA feedback and have the opportunity to appeal the results to the LUCA Appeals Office.
Sept 2009 to Jan 2010 LUCA Appeals Office reviews and adjudicates the appeals.

Common Questions

  1. “Well, it looks like I'll get back to my regular work and start thinking about this in August or later... you know, after I sign up and get the files from the Census Bureau.”

    Don't wait until receiving the files from the Census Bureau to begin this process. You should have your data together up-front before ever receiving the Census address list. Remember that there are only 120 days to review the files and send them back. Learn more about how you prepare in advance.

  2. “It’s a good idea to wait until the end of the review period to make my LUCA submission—that way I can provide more addresses.”

    The Census Bureau will process all timely LUCA submissions that meet the stated requirements. However, if there are any problems, late submissions have less opportunity for those to be resolved.

  3. “It's 2007... what about the new housing units that are going to be built between now and 2010?
  4. There will be a new construction program in 2009 available to LUCA participants that will enable you to update the new housing units in your area. This program only accepts new construction so don't be misled to think that it's a second opportunity to do a full LUCA review then.